+seasian currently living in Canada
+Stuff I like:
+drawing, cats/cows/sloths
+Bokujō Monogatari

🐮DNI/Blocked if:🐮

+proship/lolisho accnt
+AI/NFT user
+Being rude to me or my friends
+Make nsfw of my OCs


Clip Studio Paint
+main brushes


Do you take commissions?
+Not currently.
Can I use your art as my icon/header/etc?
+Yes! Please credit me if you do.
Can I draw fanart of your ocs?
+Yes, I’d love that! Please tag me via Instagram so I don't miss it.
Can I make tiktok/fan edits of your art?
+Yes, please tag me id love to see them.
Can I use your art for RP?
Can I ship my OC with yours?
+No, I only do those with friends.
Can I kin an OC of yours?
+Yes, as long as you're respectful.
Can I translate your comics?
+No sorry, I don't have that authority to give.
Can I repost your art?
+Yes but only personal art (Never my webtoons.) and you can credit me is OK!
How can I support your art?
+Reading my webtoons on their website also my Kofi!